Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cool Change

Cool Change. The drink title doesn't even make sense but who cares - this drink is so good.
I've probably only had this drink 3 times in my life, because it's only ever sold in the most remote towns of New Zealand it seems. It tastes like syrupy goodness filled with all sorts preservatives and sugars. You can pretty much feel the sugar being left on your teeth as you drink it.
Buy this drink if you can for yumness. On the plus side you'll be more hipster than ever because it is not part of the mainstream juice/soft drink chains.


  1. They dont sell that anywhere near me, looks delicious thoguh

  2. Cool Change: Orange and Mango, the Ultimate Team-Up.

  3. I was on my way to new Zealand just to but this drink, until you mentioned to word hipster. way to kill my buzz!

  4. My daughter drinks this like it is going out of fashion.