Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Speed Up Windows 7 a Tiny Bit.

1) Disabling Search Indexing
- right click on computer icon>click manage
- click 'services and applications' (under the computer management window)
- select 'services'
- scroll down the list and click 'windows search'
- look for the drop-down box next to 'startup type'
- change this option to 'disabled'
Basically all this does is tell the computer to stop keeping files for later on. This is useful if you aren't frequently using the search function to locate files. (download this search utility as a replacement)

2) Download CCleaner
CCleaner - System Optimization
It clears all temp files/unused registry files/logs/cache whatever
Just keeps the computer in a nicer shape i guess.

3) Download Defraggler
Defraggler - Ultimate Disk and File Defrag
Analyzes and Defrags harddrives. Clears out old files and 'fragments' of unused stuff. I think?

My internet speed if you cared...?

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