Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where To Download Music

Anyways, places on the net to 'theoretically' obtain music.

1) Mediafire (Wide range of albums, clean and gives a solid download speed)
- Type 'artist album'
- Find appropriate link, click download.

2) Torrents (Safer option, able to download larger files and obtain faster speeds on popular files)
- Get Torrent client such as uTorrent
- Search for file on chosen Torrent site (TPB) and open .torrent file with torrent tracker
- Generally, make sure there are more 'Seeders' than 'Leechers'.

3) (bunch of elitist snobs who make you comply to the strictest of rules in order to get an account)
- Haven't used it, but all the 4fags thinks it's 'god-tier'
- If you somehow manage to get an account they have a wide-range of up-to-date music and audio encoding choices (mp3, FLAC...)

4) 4shared (Alright for single songs)
- Simple search website-type thing
 Get Youtube vidz
- Just c/p URL and choose quality

- Search by Title, Artist or Genre. ZOMGAH free legal downloads gogogo
- 40,000 downloadable albums supposedly

We Fucking Love Music blog (the best of the best)
- Every album is indexed and the blog is updated nearly everyday. These guys are legends man, some seriously good finds on here.
Strange Adventures
- Up and coming blogger to the blogosphere
Big Blog of Music Blogs
- Just lists and lists of links to other music blogs. Search and Find.

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