Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shit's Going Down

There's a new threat on the horizon known as ACTA and. they. are. out. to. get. you.
Padlock your HDD, sleep with it under the pillow, fucking bury the thing if thats needed. Most definitely delete dat' porn and uninstall your pirated OS.

Piracy is a crime (if you didn't know this you shouldn't be on the internet)
Anti Counterfeiting Trade Organisation is currently drafting a bill which will be voted for this coming Friday, in the US. ACTA aims to put a stop to all types of counterfeiting and piracy.
Speculation surrounds the topic, but various sources say that the bill will enforce an array of cyber-police mannerisms.

Basically, I think they are aiming to shut down the major music distributors. There were scares of this as Mediafire, and The Pirate Bay all experienced downtime over the past few days. This could have been because of the hurricane passing over some parts of America, or a early attack/raid from the RIAA. Added to this there will be an introduction to the 'Three Strikes' rule. Get caught being naughty three times, and no internetz4u my friend. It has also been said that if you are suspected of piracy, the government can seize your computer for inspection and they'll find everything, even if you reformat the hard drive. So, if a government van pulls up outside your house, magnet that shit like a motherfucker and grab the hammer for extra precaution.

If this Bill passes in the US then other countries such as Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore and Switzerland may or may not follow suit.
Here is a small article explaining the situation.

Here is NZ's involvement with the ACTA bill (NZfag represent)

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