Thursday, September 2, 2010

SD Card Stuck in iMac CD Drive

Okay well...
Pretty self-explanatory, if you happen to be a computer master like me then this sorta thing is bound to happen.
It's a common problem and rather easy to fix.
The SD slot and the CD drive are like right next to each other, so I would consider this a common mistake. So if you do happen to find yourself in this 'SDicky situation' here is what you need to do.

1) Check that the SD card hasn't fallen right into the depths of the CD drive.
- Get a paper-clip and bend it into an 'L' shape. It should 'hook' neatly onto an SD card.
- Insert carefully towards the upper half of the SD card and bring down towards the bottom of the CD slot.
- If the SD card is here you will feel it - in which case just give it a tug and it should come out with the paper-clip grabber

2) If you cannot feel the SD card, then it has most likely fallen out of reach.
- At this point, turn the mac off and unplug it from the wall.
- As unorthodox as it sounds, pick up the computer and turn on it's side, with the SD/CD slots facing towards the ground.
- Carefully, give it a light shake, and hopefully gravity should work it's magic so the SD card will be in reach of our 'grabber'
- Use the grabber to retrieve it.

Congratz' u are a winrar

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