Wednesday, October 6, 2010

iPod Classic VS Zune 120GB

I am in the process of buying an iPod Classic, but thought i may as well look at the other competitors out there.
The Zune 120GB certainly seems to stand up against the Classic.
The only thing holding me back is having to migrate all my music onto Microsoft's proprietary music player; in order to use the Zune, and the price.

However, specification wise, the Zune does match and even beat the Classic in some instances.

  • The Zune weighs 12 grams less than the Classic
  • The Zune is slightly taller, and wider
  • The Zune sports a 3.2" screen while the iPod only has a 2.5" screen
  • Apparently the scroll wheel is much more responsive than the iPod according to CNET's reveiw
  • The Zune has a built in radio tuner
  • The iPod headphones are arguably better then the headphones provided by Microsoft
  • The iPod has a 36 hour battery life, while the Zune only has a 30 hour life
  • The Zune does however does support alot more files than the iPod, including the a huge range of video formats and all the generic music formats


  1. Truthfully I would stick with the Ipod classic. Those things are pretty damn sturdy.

  2. Agreed, they take a beating and keep on... oh wait, that might be trademarked. lol

  3. I'm a zune fan all the way. I highly suggest them. Dealing with iTunes and shit is just not worth the trouble.

  4. Hmm versatility wins out for me.

  5. did anyone ever actually buy a zune?

  6. i bought a zune, it wasn't well made though, i would have rather bought an ipod