Monday, October 25, 2010

One of My First Stories

Once upon a time therewas a volcano. It was a big volcano as big as a the sky tower! one day I was walking alog whn the ground started to shake. an it was very shaky. I looked arond I and I saw a volcano erupding. I was scared. I rean very fast back home. I tolb my mum, "were" said Mum "in town" Mum said oh no stay in side said mum. The ground started to shake evem more. I was skerde It was nearly nithgt time and i hope it dos'int erupt in the night because we might get burnt so we better be careful. The ground started to shake so much that bildings were faling even the sky tower. I saw somdody in the eliyvator and they were nerly at the bottom. I herd somthing like BOOM. I turned around It was some thunder i turned back. the person that was in the sky tower was out. the elecisaty was going out big rockes were splertinh out all the peopol were tererfid some of the pople were crying. People were running al around saying Ahhhhhhhhh and other people were hellping old people. The lava came down people were running all around the place. I was soarded. the lava was coming donw the mountain. It was night time so i ran home and went to bed I thoght I might die but i just closd my eyes. In the morrning all the lava was dride up. I was suprised. I went to my brother's room looked out his windows. he had lots of lava. it was nealry up to his windows. i walked all over it. i found a rock. i brang it to school because we are lerning about volcanoes.