Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photoshop and Photoshop Elements


Upon asking at school whether I was able to obtain a free copy of Photoshop, my Graphic teacher said that he can give me Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements is essentially Photoshop stripped down. 

It contains all the features of Photoshop and any other picture editing software, yet at a first glance seems a lot more refined with a user-friendly aesthetic interface. It allows casual users to streamlessly enter the editing 'world' providing simple shortcuts and taking away 'confusing' features of Photoshop.

At nearly 1/4 of the price Photoshop Elements is definitely worth it if you aren't too bothered with missing a few extra features. It still has enough capabilities to leave an expert interested but is more focused towards novice editors (such as myself)

If you happen to acquire a disc but need a key try this one:
Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 (windows)

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 (mac)

Sourced from Wikipedia: 
VersionReleased for WindowsReleased for MacFollowing Photoshop Version
Photoshop 5 LE~1999~1999[1]5.5 February 1999
1April 2001April 20016.0 September 2000
2August 200220027.0 March 2002
3October 20042004CS October 2003
4October 20052006CS2 April 2005
5October 2006-
6October 20072008CS3 April 2007
7October 2008-CS4 September 23, 2008
8September 2009[2]September 2009[3]
9September 2010September 2010CS5 April 30, 2010
"Originally introduced alongside Photoshop version 7, Photoshop Elements targets photography enthusiasts and thus lacks many features that make it useful in a proper print production environment. For example, Photoshop Elements cannot export files in the CMYK color mode (without using a third-party plug-in), supports a simplified color management system, and excludes detailed soft-proofing. It also either eliminates completely or offers simplified versions of some of the more powerful plug-ins, and instead has a number of features aimed at non-experts (such as removing the red-eye effect or changing the skin tone in a picture). An example of a redesigned feature would be the Variations correction dialog. Some versions can, however, open, edit, and save PDFs."